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Featured Educational Products

  • A complete range of academic resources are provided to students, teachers, employers and even parents.

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    Academic Resources

  • Textbooks, software, videos and other materials are what we provide to teachers to help out their students!

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    Learning Resources

  • We have some specially tailored self-enrichment courses for all be it teachers, students, parents or the employers.

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    Self- Enrichment Resources

  • We provide educational and learning materials online that are made as per the requirements of both students and teachers.

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    Educational and Learning Materials

Welcome to I-Step

The thought of offering educational resources was mooted two years ago. Till then many sources were viewed and reviewed.
Though some of them were shared with the students through lessons conducted. However it was felt that iStep could be doing better by providing more of such resources. As much we went to the drawing blocks to continue the search to meet the dynamic changes and the variable needs of from a differentiated market segment.
The idea of being connected and to reach more people was a challenge anticipated. We felt there are people in need of these educational resources and most of them are inaccessible to or vice versa.
Hence the launch of i-Stepedu.com seem to be timely intervention.

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